ONNI Community

ONNI makes the world a better place for children by educating adults.

What is ONNI Community?

  • It's a platform for ONNI courses.

    • How to raise happy kids? online course for parents
    • ONNI training for education professionals
  • You can find blog posts from education professionals

  • You can take part in webinars about parenting

  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: discussions, posts, ideas, questions, polls, and other content that You, the community, share with each other!

From Finland to the World

ONNI is based on the world's best Finnish early childhood and primary education know-how and researched knowledge on childhood development.

We have been training teachers and parents around the world for several years. On our journeys, we have noticed that similar challenges and concerns often emerge in the discussions, no matter where the parents and educators are from. Although society and cultures vary, children are the same. Every child has the same basic needs: food, water, shelter, care, and love. It is vital for a child to feel safe, loved, and valued. In this way, the child can grow, learn and thrive.


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